Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

$ 50

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Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Is your laptop keyboard not working? Are keys falling off of your laptop keyboard? One of the most common laptop keyboard problem is damaged keys or a bad connection between the laptop keyboard and the motherboard. We will replace or repair your laptop keyboard in either situation.

We do not carry stock to keep prices as law as possible, replacing or repairing laptop keyboard can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days. We can always borrow you an external keyboard for you to use your laptop, until your new laptop keyboard arrives if we have to order a new one.

Repair time:

We can install your new keyboard in 2-4 hours if your keyboard is in stock or after we receive the one that we ordered.

Keyboard installation service price:

The service price is for just the installation of a new keyboard. The cost of the keyboard is not included in the price. Laptop keyboards range in price from $35-$125 depending on make and model of your laptop.

You need a new laptop keyboard if:

Laptop keys are not working
Laptop keys are stuck
Laptop keys ore broken
Laptop keys print other character

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