Desktop Computer Upgrade

Computer Upgrade

Desktop Computer Upgrade

$ 65

Repair options:

In Store Repair
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Desktop Computer Upgrade

We can help you with your upgrade, install and configure any component in your desktop computer system. We can even recommend what make and model of upgraded parts to get the most value out of your computer upgrade. We can upgrade your hard drive, memory, processor, motherboard, graphics card, power supply or optical media unit.

You don’t always need to buy new computers. Sometimes upgrading an existing one is much better that buying a new one.

Upgrading will save you money and time

Computer upgrade Repair time:

We can usually upgrade almost any part on your computer in 4-6 hours depending on our current workload.

Desktop computer upgrade service price:

The upgrade service price is only for the labor of installing and configuring your new part. It does not include the cost of any hardware needed.

You need this service if:

you want your computer to run faster
you need more storage capacity from your hard disk
you want better graphic performance from your PC

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